How are college freshmen using the internet?

Data from St. Edward’s freshman orientation about technology use.

There is a fascinating infographic on how college freshmen are interacting with the internet from St. Edwards …

One of the things that I appreciate about this graphic is how well it illustrates the reality of media multiplexity (i.e. using multiple devices simultaneously to communicate) as well as the multimodality of digital communication.

Plus, figuring that I went to college with no computer, no cell phone, no internet, no email address, and just a Brother word processor to go in my closet … my have things changed! =)

Data from St. Edward's freshman orientation about technology use.


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3 responses to “How are college freshmen using the internet?

  1. 50 cents if you find the typo in your title…

    I usually hate infographics. They are pretty, but they easily misrepresent information because their methods and sample aren’t disclosed. A bit better with this one, but still… how many students?

  2. The original press release from the college is here ( The university’s Instructional Technology department collected the information from “619 new Hilltoppers” during summer orientation.
    I’m not sure what the demographics of this particular freshman class are, but here is some information I found on the demographics of the student body in general:
    Ethnicity of Students from U.S.
    0.7% American Indian/Alaskan Native
    2.2% Asian
    4.7% Black/African-American
    34.4% Hispanic/Latino
    3.7% Multi-race (not Hispanic/Latino)
    0.3% Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander
    52.4% White
    1.7% Unknown

    International Students
    4.7% from 41 countries

    Undergraduate Students
    2,715 (61.4%)
    1,710 (38.6%)

    • I don’t expect it to be a representative sample, but at least we should know a bit about the sample… otherwise data are meaningless. A lot of infographics seem to present THE TRUTH when… oh well, we should know better. But we don’t.

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