The effects of poverty on the brain…

Very interesting article on the effects of poverty on the brain.  While the findings here seem very intuitive and sensible, they are nonetheless sobering and unsettling for me.

For the article, click here.



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3 responses to “The effects of poverty on the brain…

  1. Interesting. I assume this is why poverty and scarcity were national strategies in East European communist countries. But… how is it related to class?

    Also, may I suggest that you hyperlink actual text rather than pasting the URL? like this not like this:

  2. I apologize. I was not aware that we could not include material like this. This is not directly related to course material, which is why I put this in the miscellaneous category of “Tidbits”. It was just something that I found interesting today and felt like sharing it. Did you need me to delete this?

  3. No worries! or need to apologize. As long as you keep in mind your audience, the occasional interesting-but-unrelated post is fine.

    However, I’d advise you to put more content/context into your own post. What specifically is interesting to you? Why? Maybe provide a quote from the original article to tease the reader so s/he will click through.

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