Blog Reflection: Why are Generation Y Yuppies unhappy?

Why are Generation Y Yuppies unhappy?  That is the question this Huffington Post blog explores, explaining clearly why your life sucks (or at least why you think so).  The equation they use is Happiness = Expectations – Reality.  Interesting enough… and food for thought.  (Some of this Huff blog is NSFW, so avert your eyes before you get to the potty word!)

I’ll be honest … I usually take issue with these types of broad, sweeping sociological statements.  My issues usually are: people treat generation Y as though it were a monolithic entity, the basis for the claim that they are X, Y, or Z is often not established, these things conflate correlation with causality, and also I feel jealous because I’m too old for Gen Y but too young for Gen X.

In any case, my Technology class last night discussed online self-presentation and what is “the self”.  We talked about performativity by Judith Butler and wrestled with what it meant to present, perform, and or exhibit oneself online.  One thing we did not address directly yet was the compulsion for people to present an overly positive image online and/or the sociological side-effect of comparison of our personal knowledge of our actual lives with the projected image of other’s online lives.

The “Why are Generation Y Yuppies unhappy?” blog proposes an answer in the last section of the piece.  Its initial premise is that “Happiness = Expectations – Reality” … and for this connected generation, the digital house always wins.  There is some research to support these claims, as well.

This poses an interesting question for me to self-reflect on: Is my social media use making me unhappy, and if so … what should I do about it?


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4 responses to “Blog Reflection: Why are Generation Y Yuppies unhappy?

  1. I read that post this morning and found it very interesting. Being from the generation, having people I supervise from a later part of the generation and working with students at the end of the generation…I came to the same conclusion you did: Is social media making me unhappy and what should I do about it? I think this question better arms to me to have strong developmental conversations in my workplace.

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  3. I really liked that post – simple explanations, beautifully illustrated. It’s a blog post, so I don’t know how much research it is based on, but it made sense to me.

    I don’t know if social media use makes you unhappy… as long as you understand the rules of the game 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed your “sociology/math” class!

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