Cell phones and the fear of being alone

Dr. V. from my Tech class posted a nice reflection on Louis CK‘s interview on Conan and his rant Cell phones and the fear of being alone.

The questions she asks at the end of her piece are:

  • Can you try to pay attention and notice when you are using your phone to avoid being alone?
  • Can you try practicing being alone, just sitting there, without music or any other stimulus, for maybe 5 minutes every other day, and see what happens?

I find this discussion about cell phones and how it changes the way we interact with the world to be very interesting.  For me, I did not have my own cell phone until I was 26 years old.  I made it all the way through high school, college, and grad school without this tech.

While having this ability to instantly connect with anyone has its value, there were also side-benefits to the unplugged life.  There was a point in my life when I could go away and truly be away.  I could be alone … truly alone.

Now life is very different … and very connected.  Don’t get me wrong … I love it.  I love being able to call my wife, find my friends, get directions, etc.  And now, when I look down and notice that I have no service, I panic just a little bit because I’m off the grid.

And like Louis CK’s rant … it’s partly because that makes me realize something larger about the human condition (a fear deep inside) that I am alone.  It’s just me.  And someday I’ll be completely off the grid.  Which is scary … in the best way … because it reminds me that I’m alive, my own person, responsible for my life … and that I should probably find some better reception if I’d like to check my messages.



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2 responses to “Cell phones and the fear of being alone

  1. Different point of view 🙂 Embracing it, are we?

  2. ariadnacaixach

    Like this post, it makes you really think, we rely on the cell phone too much. I feel panicked too when my batery is dying or I don’t have coverage, if anything happens, what? We have to disconect haha maybe with a tech detox vacation!

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