getting published? its (dis)positional

Great food for thought…


When people give their tips for academic publishing, they don’t often focus – or maybe don’t focus enough – on the dispositions of successful academic writers. Here’s a trio of writerly and readerly dispositions that I think are important:

  • be ambitious

We all know that academic writers benefit from thinking about their contribution – what you have to say – and your audience – the  readers you are writing for. But it’s also useful, I reckon, to think about what you want to be known for.

So, humour me here:

(1) Imagine yourself in twenty years time looking back at your accumulated body of work. What do you see as your major contributions?

(2) Now imagine someone else discussing your work in their doctoral literature review, what will they write? (Your surname here, 2015-2035) shows that…

While these are completely hypothetical exercises, the two questions do ask you to imagine, to dare to think…

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