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getting published? its (dis)positional

Great food for thought…


When people give their tips for academic publishing, they don’t often focus – or maybe don’t focus enough – on the dispositions of successful academic writers. Here’s a trio of writerly and readerly dispositions that I think are important:

  • be ambitious

We all know that academic writers benefit from thinking about their contribution – what you have to say – and your audience – the  readers you are writing for. But it’s also useful, I reckon, to think about what you want to be known for.

So, humour me here:

(1) Imagine yourself in twenty years time looking back at your accumulated body of work. What do you see as your major contributions?

(2) Now imagine someone else discussing your work in their doctoral literature review, what will they write? (Your surname here, 2015-2035) shows that…

While these are completely hypothetical exercises, the two questions do ask you to imagine, to dare to think…

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The Paradox and Possibility of the Struggle

Wise words from a wise man….

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Purdue Teaching Evaluations Fall 2014

I’m not usually one for bragging, but I found my teaching evaluations this semester to be very personally uplifting and encouraging.  I’ve taken the comments from the several hundred student evals I got this semester and compiled them into paragraphs.  Here’s what they had to say:

Doug is great! He is AWESOME! Doug is the best TA I’ve ever had. Doug is the best thing this class has going for it.  DOUG IS THE BEST!  Doug is the most patient TA I have ever met at Purdue!  I like everything about Doug.  He’s amazing. He is so helpful.  He is awesome!  I hope that Doug will continue to TA for this course because I can honestly say that I would have hated this course if he hadn’t been my TA.  Keep on rocking, my man.  I love this instructor.

Doug was one of the BEST TAs I have ever had. What he does well is that he relates the lecture material to real life applications which is extremely helpful to most students. He is easy to approach and is accessible for help anywhere. He definitely has helped me understand the class material to the best of my abilities and I hope he continues to do so in future recitation sections.  He is very good and knows material very well. I believe he was very helpful this semester.  He brings a lot of energy to the classroom.  He shows that he actually wants to be there. He has great energy! He makes the class atmosphere fun.

Doug is a great TA. After the first paper, which I did not do as well on as I had hoped, I began utilizing his help by having him look over outlines and rough drafts of essays before I turned them in. This help was very valuable. He offered good suggestions, and by the time I got to my last essay it was very easy to write.  He makes himself available to students whenever needed. He is very creative in coming up with ways to better explain a concept if needed.

I really appreciate your concern for me.  I love the motivational music before class starts.  My favorite teacher I have had so far in college. I love the energy and enthusiasm Doug brings to the classroom. It makes going to class enjoyable.  Playing music at beginning of class to promote a relaxed setting. Always is positive and good at explaining questions over material through multiple everyday examples. The instructor includes all students well and is very approachable.

I will never forget Doug for that one day with the guys and the lotion. Doug made class very fun and interesting whenever he had something to say.  He assists students who feel misguided by the material. He is very encouraging and personable. Great class, Doug is a wonderful, personable teacher! He is very helpful during office hours.  He responded to emails quickly and was very helpful.

Doug has an amazing talent for getting students up and involved with the learning process. This can be quite difficult with students who are always tired form late nights. Doug however gets everybody up and awake and ready to go no matter what the subject is or how tired students are upon arrival.  He has a great personality, never change!  Has a lot of energy.  He always knows how to make class interesting.  He gets students to participate and interact with each other in a non-abrasive way. Mr. Pruim creates a fun and relaxed environment while also maintaining an atmosphere intensely focused on the course work.

He is smart. He was AWESOME!!!! Truly loved his energy and passion. When the two guys came in and did their stupid message thing Douglas was awesome when he went down there. It made coming to class fun and I felt like he truly cared for the students in the class. Wish he would have talked / taught more!  He is very engaging, very enthusiastic, very friendly and charismatic towards his students. He wants to help them in any way possible.  He is very funny and tried to make class fun!  He is very kind to the class and gets everyone on task.  He is very positive in class every day.  He is always trying to motivate students with music along with seeing eye to eye on what we are going through.

Doug uses a lot of humor which is nice.  You are funny! Very funny.  Keep being funny.  Doug makes everyone laugh in tough times.  He makes the course a little more fun by providing comic relief. This instructor brought a funny nature to the class which helped make the class more fun.  He is very humorous and catches students’ attention well. His humor made recitation actually exciting.  He is really funny yet tells us what we need to know! He presents information that’s easy to understand.  He used his humor to relate to the students. It made class more enjoyable when he would talk.  He’s super funny and honestly made things a lot less stressful. Keep doin you, man. His sense of humor made the class more fun.  He was really funny and made things more fun. I liked the music before class.   He is just a silly guy.

I loved the use of comedy as a tool to grab students’ attention. It makes me want to listen and at the same time enjoy what you are saying. Keep it up, I think you would make a fantastic instructor for your own course! He reaches out to students and uses humor as a want to make students feel more comfortable and open. He is very willing to help.

Doug uses great examples and stories that go along with concepts.  He explains all theories well so everyone can get a strong understanding of the material. Doug explains all concepts well and provides excellent feedback on written assignments. Doug irons out any wrinkles students have in their understanding of the material. Doug has been a great TA. He does an awesome job of tying everything together and putting it in a way that I can understand it. When helping us towards an exam his explanations are right on point with what we need to know.  He was very good at explaining theories in recitation and making them more relate-able to our everyday lives.  I like how the instructor was able to take information that we learned in lecture and relate it to things that are relevant in our lives making it easier to learn. I like the examples he gives in class because they really help make the material stick in your mind. The instructor did a great job at giving examples and explaining topics well.

Not going to lie, Doug was probably my favorite TA that I have had so far here at Purdue. He does a great job of making what could have been a dull recitation engaging and fun. He is hilarious and knows how to keep us engaged. I really enjoy how I can send him my papers so that he can look over it, give me constructive feedback, and then give me good grade if I make the corrections he suggests. I learned a lot in recitation because he clears up questions I have from lectures very effectively. I really appreciate how the first few minutes of class are chill and relaxing before we go into material. I hope he continues to dress up for Halloween, play music for the first few minutes of class, and give out candy because that was so great.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the class and how it was taught. Also Doug was very helpful when it came down to the papers and provided very helpful feedback that I would have missed if I had not sent to him beforehand. I really enjoyed the class.  I really like how you were available to help with the mini-paper topic. It really helped me out. Other than that, I didn’t really have any interactions with you. I would have loved to see you teach a class. I think it would have been very fun and I think I would have enjoyed that class.

Doug is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He is always interested in helping his students succeed.  He provided useful feedback and is incredibly helpful.  Doug has good communication.  He got back to my emails almost immediately, even at 11:30PM which was pretty awesome.  Doug is a great TA!  He is good at answering emails back fast.  He was my TA and always answered any questions I had. He is a very funny guy, too.  He’s very good at communicating with me if I ever had a question.  I always feel welcome to ask questions or concerns.

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Social Media! … and so it begins!

Studying the social internet in Tech 637 at Purdue University.  This class is designed for us to be exposed to social media concepts, engaged in social media research, and engorged/engulfed by social media immersion. 

This blog will be dedicated to exploring social media in five ways:

  • Reflections on various class readings
  • Links to interesting blog posts
  • Evaluations of social media tools evaluation
  • Ideas, thoughts, opinions, commentary, and general miscellany on social media topics.
  • Humor and occasional sassiness
  • And all the other loose ends, questions, and fears about this journey along the way.

Just in case you were wondering, that list had six things in it.  I’m just going to say up front that math is not my strong suit.  And I’m lactose intolerant … but that’s for another blog.


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