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After a nice hiatus, I’ll post again

I’ve taken this semester off from blogging … mostly because I wanted to take a break.  Every healthy part of me tells me that’s enough of a reason.

So I’m at the end of my MA at Purdue.  I’m working on my thesis, and I plan to finish and graduate by August.  Because after that, I’ll start my PhD work at Purdue in the Fall.  I’m going to be honest … the thesis has been kicking my butt.  Not because it’s been excessively hard, but because it’s been overwhelming.  The details, the revisions, the deadlines, the paperwork, the rules within the department, the rules within the school, the learning curve for Qualtrics, the learning curve of doing my own statistical analysis, the unwritten departmental politics rules, the schedules, the egos, the life that is my family responsibilities, and so on (by the way, if you’re ever looking for an example of polysyndeton to show your kids … this was it … sorry for the melodrama … I’m a grad student.)

My thesis is interesting, so that’s good.  My biggest problem right now is that people are unable or unwilling to complete my survey.  I’m looking for info on people’s evaluation of advice on Facebook.  What I’m finding is that one group says they never talk about anything personal or advice related, and the other group just drifts off mid survey when I ask them to tab over to Facebook to look for something.  I’m getting some data, but it feels like there is a ‘leak in my boat’ as it were.

p.s. If you want to take a survey … go HERE! 😉

In any case, I hope everything goes well.  While I am intrigued with computer-mediated communication, I would also like to branch out to study humor more in depth.  I’m a super huge fan of the Benign Violation Theory, and I’m all sorts of geeked about the opportunity to start exploring it through research.

Alright, that’s it for now … I think I’ll go ahead and get out to enjoy some of this nice day.  Thanks for stopping by, my friend.



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